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Brandon Jameson

About the artist

I've never been a fan of consensus.  I strive to make art that looks how I see it and not what other people think art should be, or what art critics say is good.  Each of my pieces has a unique look because each piece is a unique idea from start to finish.  'My style' is not easily discernible, because the techniques I use vary from piece to piece, but they are all my creations, and I'm proud of my work. I hope others can connect with my work and follow me on my journey to create.

"Love Others More"

activist. cultural icon.

Mohantas (Mahatma) Gandhi was born into the tradesman caste in rural India in 1869. When he was a young adult, he moved to England to study law. After finishing his degree, he was assigned a case in South Africa, where he was immediately taken aback by the mistreatment of people of color. He was thrown off of a train for not being white, and kicked off the sidewalk walking where only whites could walk. He was not into politics, but as he was discriminated against, he felt a pull to do something. He fought for civil rights of Indians in South Africa, and began to confront the elephant in the room, England.

Upon his return to India, Gandhi undertook the task of fighting for Indian Independence.

he organized massive protests and believed fervently in non violent protests. This worked well, because the British were unable to do much about protests that were completely peaceful. 
After years of protests and spreading awareness and igniting the desire for independence in the people, the British granted India and Pakistan their independence. Gandhi has since been remembered as a cultural icon for love and peaceful movements around the globe. 


Charismatic and Intelligent

He's inspired by one of the most enigmatic characters of my childhood, the Cheshire cat. I was captivated by his balance between being knowledgeable and being certifiably insane (like many in wonderland). I often feel like everything in the world is able to be perfectly understood if we just learned enough... but strange things happen all the time and defy any rational explanation. Sometimes it seems like we live in Wonderland.

Brandon Jameson Kitty Original Painting Wall Art Cheshire Cat Inspired

The King

Elvis is in the building

On January 8th, 1935 in Tupelo, MS, one of the greatest performers to ever walk the earth was born.

Elvis was a blues, soul, and rock singer who's amazing career was so long and distinguished, it had to separated into eras!

It started with his first groundbreaking recordings in the early 50's, leading to his initial appearances on television and the commercial success that came with that. As his fame growing, he was drafted into the army, where he continued to play and home his skills.

Upon his discharge from the army, Elvis promptly returned to Tennessee to resume recording. This included his foray into film as well. This would carry him to his iconic '68 comeback special, where fans argue he "found his way again". Elvis would continue to play sold-out shows to screaming fans until 1977, when is deteriorating Health due to drug abuse got the best of him. A long, distinguished, and tumultuous career, indeed.

He is rightly remembered as "The King", and his music and his heart live with us today 


The dark artist

Cultural Icon and renowned artist Frida Kahlo. Her art was raw, dark and had endless depth. Many people were uncomfortable with many of her pieces, but it's undeniable the impact she made in the art world.

If you like your art nice and light, her work may not be for you... But if you have the courage, she can take you all the way to the edge

Chief Cheveyo

Spirit Warrior

The name Cheveyo means Spirit Warrior. According to Native American tradition, People with this name have a deep inner need for quiet and a desire to understand the deep truths about the world they live in .

This painting was an amazing experience for me. I felt a sense of calm and patience that I hadn't experienced while painting before. I don't know if it was the subject matter, or the recent events in the last few months in my life that has giving me lots of perspective and gratitude, but every stroke was intentional and I never felt rushed or in a hurry or like this painting had to be anything. The colors turned out so beautiful and I couldn't be happier with it.

There is a Cherokee prayer written into the painting that urges us to look past hatred and arrogance and see each other as humans. The natives were and continue to be a wise people that understand balance above all. Balance with each other and balance with the Earth. 
I hope that we can pay these lessons forward. Peace ✌


Father of Grunge

This one was a tough one.  Not only because Kurt had very fair features, making the details hard to tease out, but because I set out to capture the haunted look of a tormented man.  I looked into his eyes the entire time I was working on it and that turned out to be as intimidating as it was therapeutic.

Kurt was the founder of the 90's hit band Nirvana, and essentially ushered in a genre of rock known as grunge. Heavy, dissonant chords, loud drums, and screaming vocals were the hallmarks of this style... it's like being kicked in the teeth every song. 

As Nirvana became the biggest band in rock, Kurt continued to suffer.  His personal life was consumed by drug addiction and depression. His relationship with his wife, fiends and family were strained,  and on April 5th, 1994, he committed suicide. 

His death was a shock to the world and to music. His legacy lives on, as does the pain felt from his loss.

Rest in peace, Kurt.

Kurt Cobain Nirvana Inspired Original Artwork Painting Wall Art by Artist Brandon Jameson


Black is Beautiful

This piece means so much to me. Its been on my to do list for months, but I kept putting it off because I wanted to hone my skill to give it the best possible effort I can.  Out of sheer excitement, I just went for it. The subject is gorgeous... Painfully so.  Her skin is dark and her hair is natural. She's stunning. 

The background colors are the colors most people find pleasant, the outline is embossed with glitter to stand out, and create an audience from anybody in view of the piece. Iridescent butterflies and roses adorn her.  It's been triple clear coated, and Resin on the edges for extra shine. I used every trick in my book!

The text at the bottom reads Blvck = B3aut!ful. The words need to be decoded a bit before the equation can be seen. This is a neuroscientific trick to get people to ruminate on the words a bit longer. Seeing that the words have been equated was inspired by the implicit association test, which tests for subconscious racial bias. It's my effort to make an association that our media has done a very poor job at doing.

Queen African American Beauty Inspired Artwork Original Painting Wall Art by Artist Brandon Jameson


Linkin Parks' powerhouse

Most people recognize Chester Charles Bennington as the lead singer of Linkin Park. He was also the lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots in 2013 and had his own side project called Dead by sunrise. Chester was an immensely talented musician and singer. I've been rocking out to his music since the late 90s! 

His lyrics were melodic... sometimes dark, sometimes happy, sometimes angsty, and downright frustrated.... Chester seemed to have a knack for connecting with us at every level through his music. RIP Chester.

Chester Bennington Linkin Park Singer Inspired Artwork original Painting by Artist Brandon Jameson


Purple Rain

Prince Rogers Nelson was one of the most gifted musicians to walk the planet.  His work is timeless, and served to inspire generations of musicians and fans alike. He my be gone from this world, but he's very much present in our hearts.

Prince Purple Original Painting Wall Art by Artist Brandon Jameson

Purple Haze

James Marshall Hendrix

Jimi was a rock God.  Arguably the greatest guitar player to have lived, and a musical inspiration for generations to come. I payed my respects the best way I could... With lots of bright colors!

Brandon Jameson Original Art Jimi Hendrix Painting

Cesar Chavez

Latino-American Civil rights activist

Cesar Chavez was a Latino American civil rights activist and a labor leader. He founded the national farmers workers union, which changed its name later to the United farmworkers (UFW). when he was young, he worked as a manual labor in the field, and then enlisted in the Navy. After completing his service,He moved to California and got involved in community service. Initially, he was interested in getting laborers registered to vote. After this, he left to co found the workers union with Dolores Huerta. He had a very calm and intelligent delivery style, and was nonviolent in his tactics, much like Martin Luther King. This style helped identify the farmworkers’ plight as a moral cause.

Eventually, the local growers realized that the UFW was a powerful entity, and workers rights began to materialize.

His birthday is on March 31 and is recognized in many states as a holiday. Many streets, educational institutions, and historical centers have been named for him. Visit one today!

From the Ashes we came...

...to the ashes we return.

Many things in life happen in cycles. Growth is the result of a cycle. Energy is created (and destroyed) during cycles. Every year, the earth goes through its seasons, completing its cycle every 365 days. The natural world works by cycles, and we are part of that world. From the ashes comes life, and that is beautiful

Mental Health Advocacy

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