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If you're looking for personalized, custom artwork made specifically for you, look no further!

I take my 'Every piece gets what it needs' philosophy, and apply it to your custom painting.  I can do portraits, places, and pets, and they're all in the Brandon Jameson Style.  

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How does it work?

First, use the customer contact form to tell me what you're looking to do.  If you have anything specific in mind, let me know, or if you want to let me take creative liberties, thats fine too.

Next, Ill ask for photos for reference.  The higher resolution and quality, the better.  Also, multiple angles help.  

Then we will discuss general layout, subject angle and placement and colors (what colors you love, and what colors you don't want in the piece). Generally, I'll send you back an image with the basics, and you can approve it.

After that, I'll take a 50% deposit through PayPal or Venmo, then I get to work. 

Your piece will be ready for pickup or shipping three weeks (or sooner) after the deposit is received.  Progress updates and photos are available upon request.  Once finished, I'll send you some photos and videos, and if you're happy, make the final payment. 



Prices start at 70 cents per square inch, U.S. Dollars, plus CA sales tax and my sizes run from 30x40 to 60x48. Ask about round boards. To calculate approximate cost, multiply the height and width, then multiply that by 0.70 for the price, then add 7.75% CA sales tax and shipping (depends on where you are).



Be advised that I paint on wood panels, and they are heavier, and don't roll or fold, so shipping them can be quite costly.  The buyer agrees to fund the shipping, and this amount varies depending on size and location (I'm in San Diego).

If you are interested in a commission, contact me!

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