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I have always loved making stuff.

When I was a kid, I had legos, an erector set, and all kinds of creative toys to make interesting things with. I would pass the time for hours just making things. I even had one of those electrical hobby kits with all the circuit parts.

I had never taken an art class, and although I liked to draw, I was never any good at it... But I just loved to create.

Fast forward to 2008, when I looked around the bare walls of my living room of my apartment, I longed for some cool wall art. Like the abstracts in galleries with all the gorgeous colors. After weeks of shopping, I found that I either a) didn't like most of what was available or b) couldn't afford what I wanted. I decided I could make the art myself... How hard could smearing some paint around the canvas be? I had zero formal training in art, painting, or drawing but I set out to make the art that I wanted to see. Almost ten years later, I'm still finding out how hard that endeavor actually is, but I'm loving it! And now I'm sharing my creations with the world.


This site is a selection of my available works. Dig through. Check 'em out. Hope you enjoy.

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