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Gandhi Painting wall art large scale Artist Brandon Jameson

activist. cultural icon.

Mohantas (Mahatma) Gandhi was born into the tradesman caste in rural India in 1869. When he was a young adult, he moved to England to study law. After finishing his degree, he was assigned a case in South Africa, where he was immediately taken aback by the mistreatment of people of color. He was thrown off of a train for not being white, and kicked off the sidewalk walking where only whites could walk. He was not into politics, but as he was discriminated against, he felt a pull to do something. He fought for civil rights of Indians in South Africa, and began to confront the elephant in the room, England.

Upon his return to India, Gandhi undertook the task of fighting for Indian Independence.

he organized massive protests and believed fervently in non violent protests. This worked well, because the British were unable to do much about protests that were completely peaceful. 
After years of protests and spreading awareness and igniting the desire for independence in the people, the British granted India and Pakistan their independence. Gandhi has since been remembered as a cultural icon for love and peaceful movements around the globe. 

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