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Cesar Chavez

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Latino-American Civil rights activist

Cesar Chavez was a Latino American civil rights activist and a labor leader. He founded the national farmers workers union, which changed its name later to the United farm workers (UFW). when he was young, he worked as a manual laborer in the field, and then enlisted in the Navy. After completing his service, He moved to California and got involved in community service. Initially, he was interested in getting laborers registered to vote. After this, he left to co found the workers union with Dolores Huerta. He had a very calm and intelligent delivery style, and was nonviolent in his tactics, much like Martin Luther King. This style helped identify the farm workers’ plight as a moral cause.

Eventually, the local growers realized that the UFW was a powerful entity, and workers rights began to materialize.

His birthday is on March 31 and is recognized in many states as a holiday. Many streets, educational institutions, and historical centers have been named for him.